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Hi there sweet friend, I'm Jo and I'm the woman behind House of Swords Tarot.
I truly discovered my love for magic and tarot at the age of 14, I loved reading everything Silver Ravenwolf and Francesca Lia Block had written. I was obsessed! I slowly started to veer off my path when I was about 18, and got a full time job. I didn't realize just how off track I was until very recently. 'Tis the joy of rediscovering and recreating yourself, though, I suppose.

When I was 26 I went on a road trip to Arizona and we visited a tiny town in northern Arizona where my great-great-grandmother had been raised, I knew then that that was home and where I wanted to be and so I dreamed about it and I plotted for it...for years with a long term boyfriend. Then one day, in the Summer of 2016, I made the choice to follow my dream. So I searched and searched and by Fall of 2016, I packed up my things, said goodbye to my friends, family and now ex-boyfriend and went to go live the life I was supposed to!
 I studied tarot with Veronica Varlow, Devin Strickler, Brigit Esselmont and I am a certified holistic tarot reader and cystal healer. 
This has always been my calling, I didn't quite realize it when I was younger, but in my mid 20's I knew something was missing...and then I found Veronica Varlow, who has taught me so much about what it means to be who you are, trusting your own intuition, and the power of belief in yourself. She also taught me about tarot and spellcrafting under the moon. That kickstarted all of this, and here we are almost three years later...


In the past two and a half years, I've learned a lot about being honest with myself and the importance of shadow work. The suit of Swords has always been in my bones, Swords represent the hard truths and lessons, the voice of reason. I've always been the person people come to for advice and guidance, the person people come to when they just want someone to listen, for perspective.
I am an empath, a reader, intuitive, empowerment coach and, almost most importantly, a shadow worker.
I combine these elements when I provide my services to you.
Our session is an experience, a ritual solely for you and your needs. It's never just a reading.
I am here to help you create, manifest and achieve. I'm here to listen, to guide and empower.
I am here for you.

If you are interested in working with me, check out the offers in my shop. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.


First and foremost, I highly value client confidentiality. I will never post any specifics about a client, not even a photo of their spread, on any social media platform. This does exclude your feedback testimonials, as I do make everyone aware that testimonials and reviews are public.
**I am also obliged to mention, my services are NOT substitutes for the treatments, diagnosis, or advice of medical professionals. Nor are my services substitutes for legal counsel.**
The sessions I offer here are for entertainment purposes only.
That being said, I take all sessions extremely seriously, as I value my clients, their time and energy.