Q & A

When did you first identify as a with? - Molara

I was in middle school when I really got into spells and witchcraft and meditation. My mom bought me all the witchy teen books but I remember my favorite being Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf. She was always my fave when I got into high school, though, and for many years after it wasn't as big a part of my life as it was in my early teens. 
Tarot has always interested me and it remained when the spellcrafting started happening less and less. My mom and I used to go to all the metaphysical shops in LA.
In my mid twenties, the spark reignited and i realized this is a huge part of who i am.I don't have a set practice, I mostly make it up as I go because I think that's important, to put your own spin on the things you do and to use your intuition. I do miss having a large community of fellow witches though and while I live crazy near Sedona, it's just not quite the same vibe. I'm still searching for that in-person community here.

Why House of Swords Tarot? How did you come up with this name? - Lucia

House of Swords Tarot was born October 2015. I had a different name before that, mostly because it was just a blog way back then but the name didn't mean a lot to me and I wanted something that i LOVED and that meant something. Swords have always been the suit I'm drawn the most to, perhaps because I'm an air sign (Aquarius) and Swords are our suit.
I'm also always down for some tough lessons (like, I'm LIVING the Tower right now), and that is what the Swords are all about. I want to show people they aren't as scary as they're made out to be, everyone seems to fear the Swords the way they do the Devil or Death or the Tower in the Major Arcana. So I had been toying with names changes and House of Swords was one on my list, and then I hear the song House of Seven Swords by Vanessa Carlton and I knew that was my sign. House of Swords really is more than a name to me, it's what I know, it's a big part of who I am.

How do you read tarot? I noticed you don't read reversals? - anon

I have learned from a great many amazing readers. Learning tarot and teaching tarot are really two things we can put our individual spin on. I've always used my intuition while reading. Different messages come through everytime I pull. What one card meant for one person, can mean something else (have a different message, in other words) for someone different. I don't generally read reversals unless I'm REALLY called to do so. Because I read intuitively and without spreads, I let the cards tell the story. Even a positive card upright might being a cautionary message or wake up call. We all have such different ways of reading tarot and EVERYONE can do it, it just takes a little practice.

I'm going to be rolling out some *LIVE* videos in my course, the Arcana, coming in 2018 and we're going to be going over tarot first. So keep an eye out for that! I'll be posting a ton more info once it gets closer to the launch date :)

I love you all, thank you so much for your questions! I didn't do them all because I'm saving some for next week's post. If you'd like to submit a question, you can absolutely email me, post a comment or message me on IG.