Weekly Forecast 01/07/18 - 01/13/18

Weekly Forecast 01/07/18 - 01/13/18

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So, I've decided part of my mission with this blog is to give you tools and advice to harness and navigate some of these energies to the best of your abilities.
This week is going to be bomb, guys! So let's squeeze every bit of juice out of it that we can, yeah?


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I know that a lot of us make resolutions at the start of a new year, but I want you to take it a step further. This week, don't look at the rigidity of a schedule or a deadline for what your goals or resolutions are for 2018, instead, ask yourself what is that is it that makes you truly happy?
The idea behind this is gratitude for what we have RIGHT NOW. You see, you can't focus on the present if you're focusing on the future. We have a tendency to say, I'll be happy when this happens, I can only be happy if this thing works out a specific way. We put a lot of pressure on the events and people in our lives to make us happy. I'm telling you, this is LIMITING your ability to really be happy. Why are you waiting to be happy? Why are you putting it off to the future? Why are you putting conditions on it? This isn't a rhetoric. I want you to really think about those questions, journal those answers or talk about them out loud on your drive to work or while you're getting ready, talk to your partner or your family or friends about it. Ask them the same questions, especially if they tend to do the same thing. This is the year to remove old structures and systems and foundations from our lives that aren't working for us. Sometimes shit is just outdated, yo.
In a world where Apple comes out with a new iphone every 5 minutes, we forget sometimes that it's not just technology that is constantly changing, it's the way we think about things, the way we feel about things, it's our perspective that needs to change. We get new phones, new clothes, new shoes, new jobs, but we don't check in to our internal systems enough. We don't look at our own structure and see what needs to be upgraded.
My boyfriend works in IT and he's got this shirt that says, I'm all about that Upgrade. I can't even tell you how often I think about that. If we're upgrading our material shit, why are we not upgrading our perceptions, our beliefs, our state of mind, just as often?
So, this week. That is your mission. Start hammering away at the old thought patterns, the old beliefs, the old systems that are holding you back and start working on that freakin' UPGRADE!

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We hit walls all the time, there are always obstacles, and that doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, this is a further message for you to change your way of thinking. Rather than getting stuck at that obstacle, rather than getting angry with it, ask yourself: How can I use this to my advantage?
The answer may not be hella obvious at first, you might  spend a hot minute thinking about how you can take this setback or obstacle and use it to make yourself stronger and wiser.
In fact, the answer may come in hind sight, and that is TOTALLY OK!
What matters is that you're beginning to take those things and learn and break down the lessons and the silver linings. We can really use it all, it can ALL be positive or a learning experience...it's all about the alchemy and how you use it. It's taking the pieces and putting them together to create something new or different. Know that the Universe/God/Spirit/Source/etc isn't out to get you, it's here to teach us. These "bad" things we go through, or things we find to be "negative" in our lives are there for a reason, no matter how terrible they may seem at the time, it's part of the experience and the lesson.

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This week, use gratitude to bring yourself back to a good place. Trust me, I know we hear about this all too often, everyone talks about it, there are endless blog posts, IG posts, books, blah blah blah. I was tired as shit of hearing about it, to be perfectly honest. UNTIL..I started legit using it on the daily. It's become a little bit like praying for me...I give a list of things I'm grateful before I go to sleep, I talk about what I'm grateful for to my dog or my boyfriend or myself in the morning. And when i get pissed off during the work day, which is basically almost daily, I get up from my computer, go get some water and talk to the dog again about what I'm grateful for. This has made me INFINITELY less easy to anger, even though i still get pissed off, it's noWHERE near what it was even two months ago, when i was in a bad fucking mood from the moment i got up to the minute i clocked out (and sometimes even hours after, just because i was stewing in some dumb shit that happened during the day)...
This is how i know gratitude WORKS. Sometimes all it takes is, I'm so grateful that my life and my problems aren't worse. I'm grateful for new perspectives, I'm grateful for breaks, I'm grateful for music.
Sometimes all it takes is putting on your favorite song and singing it as loud as you can, or having a solo dance party in your bedroom...and then being grateful for that moment.
Be open this week to your feelings, really connect to yourself, listen to yourself, not just to your emotions or your thoughts, but your body. Take the damn nap, the extra long shower, go to sleep early, eat the carbs, whatever it is...don't spend a lot of time stressing about your needs, just follow through.

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I'm sensing some of you will be happening upon a breakthrough or an "ah-ha" moment. The Magician is our final card. The Magician is a card I never really thought too much about but the past 4 or 5 months it's been on my radar. I feel like I understand the Magician and his(or her) message better. This is complete embodiment and connection and understanding of ourselves. Even the Shadow parts. This is acceptance. This is, I know who I am, all of who I am, and I accept myself. I love myself. I have the answers. I have the tools. I can do what I set out to do.
The Magician doesn't question his worth, he KNOWS it without a doubt and isn't about to let anyone tell him otherwise. The Magician may not naturally be great at everything, but that isn't a hindrance. Fear isn't really even on this mofo's mind. You are just as much the Magician as the Magician is but where the Magician doesn't harbor inhibitions or fear or let others dictate his self image...we tend to do all those things. It's when we drop the bullshit (and it is all bullshit) and embrace ourselves, flaws and all, when we make the choice to accept ourselves and love ourselves just as we are (not in the future, not when we lose that five pounds, get the great job or find a mate) that we can really get into Magician mode. I know that this year is going to be that year for A LOT of us. So, what's holding you back from the transition? What's keeping you from harnessing that good ass Magician energy? Can you live without that thing long enough to experience the freedom the Magician offers? I promise there is so much goodness on the other side of that fear and hesitation!

I love you guys! I hope this resonates with you and if you wish to book a personal reading hit that shop link. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out.




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