Weekly Forecast 02/11/18 - 02/17/18

Weekly Forecast 02/11/18 - 02/17/18

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Whew! Let me just say how much I ADORE tarot. I have lost count the amount of times where I had been thinking about something and later that day the cards confirmed exactly what my intuition knew to be true. It's sometimes difficult to trust our intuition because it's not tangible, because it asks us to trust the process, it asks us to trust in the unknown. Our logic often asks us to trust in the tangible results and the tried and true, and there isn't anything wrong with that but it's important to know that your intuitive nudges are just as important and just as valid as your logical smarts.

This spread actually blew me away a little bit with the amount of messages coming through at once and sometimes it's hard to type fast enough to get it all out. This message couldn't have come at a better time though with the New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Aquarius this week (on the 15th).
So let's get to it!

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This is the beginning.
The beginning of the end and the beginning of the rest of it all.
We've been in the same cycles, on the same damn ride for far too long.
Why did we stay SO long on this ride? Why didn't we explore the rest of them?
Because this ride looked, smelled, and felt safe. It told us that there would be no risk, that safety was its function and purpose, it told us we wouldn't really have to think too much about what we were doing while we were on it and that we could stay comfortably on autopilot forever if we wanted to.
The Wheel of Fortune is like the Ferris Wheel. It's amazing and super fun and exciting to be up at the top and take in the view from our little bucket. But, we're not really living from the Ferris Wheel, we're watching life go by, we're just watching the view, we aren't living in it. Not really anyway. So, what cycle are you hiding behind? Where are you playing it safe? Where are you taking in the sights but not living it? What things are you doing over and over again wishing for a change only to meet the same things you've been faced with? I've said it before, how can you expect change if you won't change?
It's scary, it means taking risks, it means stepping into the unknown, it means leaving our comfort zone, it means leaving everything we knew behind in order to discover the new.
So over the next couple of days, take a look at what ride you're on that you'd like to step off of in order to try something new.

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It can be a lot to review the things we want to change, it can be a lot to review the areas that we don't like, the beliefs we don't want, the structures that are falling apart, the fortresses that are holding us back. It takes strength and vulnerability (which really are one in the same, so often) to admit, to acknowledge, to accept these things we want to change or get rid of and how we even GOT to the point where we thought they were the ultimate truth or the final destination. The Four of Swords says, rest, you're going to need your strength for everything that is coming for you. Trust that your intuition will never, ever, ever lead you astray. Know that everything is going to be fine, that your biggest fears need love too, that they're only fears because they lack trust. The Four of Swords is the time we spend gathering strength, gather up our little bag of necessities we take before our long journey forwards. It's also a good time to spend in meditation, a good time to spend a little time each day practicing trust, gratitude, and knowing that everything you desire CAN be yours. The biggest thing standing in your way is you. Sometimes just taking the time to focus on your breathing can really recenter you, it can refocus your thoughts. It brings you back to right now when you're caught up in the past or the future.
So, rest, breathe, meditate, trust.

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In your time spent realizing the cycles you want to leave, in your times spent realizing the things you would like to let go of and leave behind...you've probably also realized the things you actually and truly desire and believe. You've probably realized you spent a whole lot of time thinking it had to be one way when, the truth was, it could be any damn way you wanted it to be. This is the beginning.
The beginning of the rest of it.
Now that you're keen on what you do want and where you want to go. Now that you know that it's more than okay to trust the process, now that you know it's okay to step into the Unknown, now that you realize that life is what you make it. Your reality is yours, your dreams are yours. Yours to live, yours to discover.
What will you do with this knowledge? What will you do with this trust?
Where will you go from here?
The future is wide open for you, you just need to BELIEVE it.
That sounds really stupid, it sounds illogical and like complete horse shit...I know because it's how I've felt for a long time. Then I thought, look at all the things that have been accomplished, all the things that have been done out of pure, unadulterated believe (Not that I'm saying every single one of those things is good or positive, I'm not advocating for blind faith and zealotry) ..look at the amazing things people have done though. Belief is knowing it's going to happen even when it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

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The Ten of Swords marks the end.
Not defeat, not death, just the end of this cycle.
The final battle before you move onward into the new.
So, you were stabbed ten times. I'm not saying that isn't anything to be upset over, it's not a small feat, it hurts. I'm saying you're still alive. And that, my friends, is what matters.
You're still alive, you might be hurt, you might have lost faith at some point but you're alive. Faith can be regained. Think about all the hurts you've faced in your life, physical or emotional, and how strong they made you afterwards. Did it hurt in the moment? Abso-fucking-lutely! You may have thought you wouldn't survive, you may have asked for a quick end...but you're here.
Stronger. Because of it.
You're probably thinking, but that doesn't excuse what happened to me at the hands of someone else. No. It doesn't...but I'm not talking about someone else. I'm talking about YOU. So, let go of the blame, let go of the guilt, let go of the grudge. Forgiveness isn't about the other person, moving on isn't about the other person. It's all about you. YOU deserve it. You deserve to forgive for yourself, for your OWN peace of mind. YOU deserve to move forwards because you DO. Why does it need to be more complicated than: because you do.
Are you ready? Are you ready to let it all go in order to pack the bag with just the things you actually NEED in order to move on to this new beginning?
I hope so, because there is so much goodness that awaits you. It's out there but it can't come to you until YOU are ready.
So why not run for it with arms and heart open?

2018 is REALLY asking us to step up. It's asking us to release these old ideas around life and our beliefs, it's a year of revelations and realizing that the old way isn't the ONLY way.If you would like a personalized eclipse reading, check the shop for the Ascension Session or the Door - a Transition reading, each of these will encompass the energies around the eclipse.
I can't wait to read for you!


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