Shift into Alignment

Shift into Alignment


I know we hear this a lot...being aligned or getting aligned
Is this, like, a medical procedure? Do I need to go see a chiropractor? Will my insurance cover this alignment thing?
But in all seriousness we hear a lot of talk about getting to this place but not a lot of information is out there about HOW to get there and what exactly it feels like.
So, what exactly is alignment? How do I get there and why do I WANT to be there?
Really, for me, being in alignment means following the intuitive nudges, it means listening to the guidance I receive, it means taking the action towards my best life.

When you’re ready to make the shift into really living life according to YOUR rules (and that’s a thing you can do whenever the hell you want, by the way, you just have to choose to do it) and doing the things that you love and that make you happy and moving out of the old beliefs and paradigms, you are shifting into alignment.

Let’s talk for just a second about inspired action, because I get this question a lot, so inspired action is what you do when you receive a hit of inspiration or guidance from the Universe/God/Angels/Ancestors/’s when you hear or feel that nudge to do a thing and then you do it. Sometimes your logic tells you it’s crazy, it’s illogical, it doesn’t make any sense...but inspired action really isn’t about what’s logical.
Inspired action is doing what things you know to do, what things work for you and then taking the guidance when it arrives, inspired action is really anything that you do that leads you closer to your desires and feeling good.
That’s how you get to the feeling and knowing of alignment.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to find a job that’s better suited to you. Does it help to compare yourself to others, does it help to sit and wish things were different, does it help to complain about how much things suck or how little you get paid or how stressful this job is? It doesn’t.
In fact, it probably makes you feel even worse about your situation. So why go there?
Instead, why not take ACTION towards moving OUT of that situation? Instead of comparing, complaining and wishing...start doing. The first step is the most important one because it means you’re ready and willing to make the transformation, you’re ready and willing to put the work in and do what you need to do to move into a better place for yourself.
And that’s fucking AMAZING! Good on you if that’s where you are right now!
Getting to an aligned place is about recognizing where you are right now, being thankful for where you are and what you have, and then designing the life you dream of.


Once you’ve gotten clear about what kind of life you’d like to have, what the lifestyle of your dreams is (and fucking go big, love, why the fuck not, this is your LIFE after all) you’re more able to take the steps (inspired action) towards that outcome.
So the HOW piece of this puzzle is recognizing where you are, getting clear about what you desire instead and then taking the action to get there.
The WHAT piece of this puzzle is feeling good.
Alignment is about listening to your inner knowing, following your intuition and realizing that when you hear the negative, doubtful, things that will inevitably pop can say, ok, thank you for reminding me of that and trying to keep me safe but it’s perfectly safe for me to follow my intuition.
Alignment feels good, period. It might seem scary, it might look illogical, it might even seem contradictory to what you know or have done in the past but if it doesn’t feel good, then it’s not alignment.

If under the fear there is excitement and joy, that’s your inspired action.

If under the fear there is doubt and more fear, that’s just your ego trying to keep you small and safe and in your comfort zone.

And it’s easy to fall into the cycle of being in our comfort zone, it’s easy to listen to the voices in our minds that tell us where we’re limited, where we can’t do this or have that or be this.
But fuck that. Says who? Who in the world says that these limitations are true for us? And why did we ever believe it?!

Listen, you make the rules of your life.
You decide what is true and what isn’t for you, you decide who you are, what you get to have/be/do/think/feel/say, AND you get to change your mind when those things aren’t aligned anymore.
We are ever evolving, so why try to stay in the same shell?
Think of it like a hermit crab, they don’t keep the same shells all their lives, right? They have to find a bigger shell once they outgrow the one they’re in. We aren’t much different, we outgrow our comfort zone, we outgrow old limiting beliefs and paradigms, we outgrow what my girl Amanda Frances calls energetic minimums (which is basically the minimum of what you’re willing to tolerate and accept in your life), but we don’t move on because where we are is what we know and what we know is “safe”...but once upon a time you didn’t know that, before you got to where you are, you didn’t know it was safe….and then you were there and you adapted and you realized that you were fine, that you knew what to do and that you could thrive there.
I mean, fuck we outgrow clothes, shoes, relationships...and then we find things/people/situations we like/want even better!
Being in alignment with what you want, what you’re here to do, with your purpose feels fucking good, things flow, things are easy, things fall into place...but it isn’t magic, it’s not about spells or candles or’s about doing the work that will get you to your best and most aligned life.
It’s about taking the steps that feel good to you, knowing that it doesn’t have to be hard, learning lessons and growing easily and gently.

So, how do you start the shift?
Start by taking the one step that FEELS good, whether it’s logical or practical makes no difference...if it FEELS good, take the step. And then another, and another and another…
The moment you’re looking for isn’t some time in the future, it’s not some pipe-dream, it’s RIGHT NOW. You can feel good, be happier, more aligned, more alive, more adventurous, more outgoing, wealthier, all the things...right NOW.
If you keep your focus always on what is most logical, most practical, what you “should” do or are “supposed” to do, then that is the direction your life will always go….BUT, if you keep your focus on the life of YOUR choosing, then that is the direction your life will always go.

You get to decide.

I know we’re under the impression that someone else tells us what we get to do/be/have but that’s only true if you believe it. If you can believe that YOU define your life, YOU define the rules, YOU define your perspective, YOU define what feels good, YOU define what you believe, then things will really begin to shift in massive ways.
It’s truly all up to you though, love!

So make this life your best one!



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