Weekly Forecast 06/17/18 - 06/23/18

Weekly Forecast 06/17/18 - 06/23/18

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This week is going to be PHENOMENAL; just remember to use the energies to your advantage and shift or rearrange stuck energy when necessary and you will be a-ok ALWAYS!
So, there’s a change that’s making it’s way to us, slowly...sort of like clouds rolling in before a storm (but like, a fucking gorgeous, MUCH needed storm)…it’s coming, you can see it, you can smell it in the air, you can sense it...there’s anticipation…

It’s almost here…


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This week begins with the Seven of Cups, one of my favorite cards in the deck.
Let’s talk about choices
Let’s talk about reality and illusions, and shattering both
There’s INFINITE options out there for you to choose from, and many of them are making their way to you now that you’re finding yourself open to them
It might seem like some are too good to be true, so you may looking at it from a logical standpoint of what’s going to bring stability, what seems ‘reasonable’ or just true “enough” without being too mindblowing… in essence, what is the safest bet.
I’m here to tell ya a little secret, babe…

YOU are the safest bet

And as such, you can never make the “wrong” choice and nothing is “too good” to be true when you’ve been calling in what’s meant for you.
Reality is yours to create, after all
Illusions are only illusions because we aren’t seeing the whole picture, because we’re still looking at it from one angle
So what is YOUR reality?
What have you decided is true for you?
Have you shattered the old paradigm yet? Or are you slowly dismantling it, brick by brick
It’s really all up to you the pace at which you proceed, the pace at which these opportunities can reach you, how long you wait to be a vibrational match for them…

What do you choose?

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This brings us to…my love, my mentor, the High Priestess
She’s here to remind you that logic isn’t the only valuable tool you can rely on
Your intuition is a force to be reckoned with!
But you have to be able to hear her, to listen, to act upon THAT knowledge and not just from a place of logic
This isn’t about logic
This isn’t about making sense
This is about doing what is right for you
Choosing from your heart and following that guidance will never lead you astray, you will never be worse off by listening to your inner guidance
Our logical minds want to keep us safe, they want to keep us tucked away in our comfort zones, auto-pilot switch on, just going through the motions waiting for something exciting to happen, waiting to have something to look forward to
What kind of life is that? That’s not living, that’s existing…
It’s always up to you, what you choose to do, but ask yourself...what DO you want to do? How DO you want to live and are your actions aligning with your desires?
You can trust your intuition
You can trust yourself
Here's a question to journal on:
If I knew and trusted that my intuition is powerful and would never lead me astray, how would I live my life?

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When you live, act, BE from a place of intuition and trust in yourself, you are able to ascend
You’re able to rise above things that are meaningless, petty, trivial, none of your business…etc
You can focus on what REALLY matters to you
And what does really matter to you?
Have you taken some time to get clear as fuck about what you want from life? Have you taken the time to see whether your actions match what you want? Have you taken some time to see how you feel, how you’ve grown, how far you have come?
The inner work is really the most important, because without it, we go on the way we always have
Without the inner work, it’s comfortable to stay on auto-pilot while complaining about things, while wishing our days away, waiting for something good to fall into your lap
My love, the day can’t come unless you’re actively working towards it
Your dream life isn’t waiting in the wings for you...because it’s happening right now
What? This ISN’T your dream life, you say?
Then what are you waiting for? Get out there and start creating it.
You have the power
You have the vision
You have the knowledge
It’s not gonna create itself, you know

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We end our week in the exhale energy of the Six of Swords
How fitting, isn’t it?
After the realization that you have the power to create the life you want, to call in every desire of your heart...that you would walk away from the things that don’t feel good anymore
You’ve been holding your breath a long time, waiting…
You can exhale now
The Six of Swords speaks to us about walking away from the situations, people, places, things, that are hurting us...that are ultimately keeping us small...keeping us under the illusion that we care bound to them
Only you decide what you are bound to
Only you decide how you live
Only you decide to go big or stay where you are
The choice is always yours, is the loudest message of the Six of Swords this week






No one else can make it for your
Call back your power and choose for yourself
Choose yourself


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I love you!

I hope this week is amazing for you!



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