Weekly Forecast 06/24/18 - 06/30/18

Weekly Forecast 06/24/18 - 06/30/18

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Happy Sunday beauty!


This week is going to be a big one, lots of major arcana cards this go ‘round!
It’s almost like we’ve shifted quickly, we’ve seen the light and we’re not hesitating anymore, we’re just fucking RUNNING for that shit
We’ve given up the reasons for not going for it before, we’re giving up excuses
Frankly, we’re getting tired of our own bullshit getting in the way of our mother fucking dream lives and we’re ready to take some action.

So, let’s get to it!

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We start this week with the Lovers
The Lovers is sort of less about our relationships with others and really more about the relationship we have with ourselves and our internal GPS (aka, your intuition)
There will be times where you feel afraid, unsure, unsteady...like you’re not sure what choice to make
Listen to yourself, your intuition is all knowing, it’s so powerful and it will always point you in the right direction
Know that you are infinitely supported and guided
I know it doesn’t always feel that way, sometimes it’s hard to see, it’s hard to hear the guidance
In these times, put your hand over your heart, close your eyes and ask for the help you seek
One of my little ‘prayers’ is: God/Guides/Universe/Spirit (insert your preference), I feel so lost right now, my mind is running in circles and I’m not getting anywhere. Please, please, show me the next step
Do you know that not a single time has that little moment of asking for help failed me? The next step is ALWAYS given when we ask for it, we just have to be open and willing to listen and then take the action we receive
It’s safe to trust, it’s safe to be lead, it’s safe to ask for guidance when you need it
Following your heart and intuition isn’t something we’re taught to do, in fact, we’re generally taught that relying on our intellect and logical minds is the place we should always operate from
There isn’t anything wrong with that, that’s a great place to operate, but it can also hold you back from doing the things you’re passionate about. Why not combine the two, find your rhythm and balance so that they can actually work TOGETHER for you?


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Justice, we’ve seen this card a lot the past couple of weeks
You’re being asked to look at your duality right now
There was something I shared with a 1:1 client that’s absolutely relevant in this card, a message I have to share with you too
This season brings with it a new beginning, it's the start of a whole new chapter but it's all up to us what happens in that chapter
Are you going to use it to continue doing what you've always done?
Are you going to spend another chapter planning and plotting and over-thinking, trying to make things "perfect", giving excuses why you're not 'ready' yet or how when ____ happens you'll DEFINITELY be ready then
Or are you going to use this chapter for glorious, beautiful inspired action?
Are you going to use this chapter for transformation?
Are you going to use it to learn new things? Meet new people? Take risks and leaps of faith?
Are you going to call BACK our power that you've loaned or delegated or leaked?
Are you going to remember that only you are in charge of your happiness, only you get to decide how this life goes for you
Once upon a time (it was actually yesterday, if I'm honest)...a Witch I love and look up to, someone I truly adore, called me a cosmic architect...I believe that we are all that in our own ways, we all have enormous strength and wonderful gifts to share...
We choose how our stories go.
We write the book, chapter by chapter...
We are the authors, the artists, the characters, the plot...
So, how will you be writing this chapter, my love?
Explore your duality (your light and your dark) to find the true strength that lies within yourself

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The Star is next up
You’re being reminded that even though there have been some trying times, some tribulations, setbacks, things that didn’t work out...even though you have experienced hurt and pain and loss...all of these things are happening FOR you, these lessons are trying to show you, help shape you, give you the tools you need to make this life one that you are over the moon in love with
Even when things come crashing down, even when they don’t turn out like we expected...the Star asks one thing of us…
Don’t ever give up
There is ALWAYS hope, there is ALWAYS light on the horizon as long as there is air in your lungs
Just reach up (or reach out) and there will ALWAYS be someone there to take your hand
Often times, we don’t ask for what we need or what we want...so, in turn, we don’t receive it...sometimes we don’t feel brave enough to ask or even know how to ask
I know it’s not always the easiest thing
But there’s nothing wrong with wanting hope, with having hope, with asking for it
Just like there isn’t anything wrong with wanting help, having help or asking for it
The guidance is always here waiting for you but, like I said before, you have to be open and willing to listen and accept and act on it...otherwise, how can it help you?

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We close out the week with the Four of Cups
This is a reminder to be mindful when you’re in that mindset of having a little pity party or acting a little petulant because something didn’t go your way. I get it, it sucks when that happens, but you have the choice to see it in a couple of ways…
You can choose to see it as, it didn’t go my way, nothing ever does go my way, why do I even bother anymore, of course it didn’t work out, it never works out...blah….blah...blah


You can choose to see it as, oh ok, so I guess it wasn’t supposed to go how I thought and now I’m being redirected so that it can work out in a totally BETTER way
Let me ask you this
When you’re driving, let’s say to work, and there is an unexpected road closure...do you stop your car, get out and then start complaining about how this is your usual route to work and why is this road closed and what’s going on and this just isn’t your day and now you’re going to be late?
Probably not
You may mumble all that to yourself as your driving and trying to get through it, and yeah, the detour may make you late or take you on an unexpected route but did it REALLY ruin your day or did you get to where you needed to be anyway?
Did you get to where you needed to be just in a different way?
Sometimes, even thought we THINK we know the best way, the Universe actually has something even BETTER in store for us
So you can choose to see it as an annoyance and be pissy about it
Or you can choose to see that you’re being redirected to something even better than you expected
It’s completely up to you

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s forecast!
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