Weekly Forecast 06/03/18 - 06/09/18

Weekly Forecast 06/03/18 - 06/09/18

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So, i was legit almost done typing this blog up, 30 minutes into writing it and I accidentally touched my screen (no idea what the hell i hit) and it erased everything I wrote...literal SECONDS after I just proclaimed my love and willingness to marry it. Like...why, laptop? Why would you do this to me? Lol
I could get mad, but I'd rather just see it as further proof of how great this thing works! (It's an HP Spectre Pro, btw, and it's fucking glorious)
Anyhoo, so, onward!

This year is flying by, isn't it? Pretty insane!
So, we've got some interesting things going down on a planetary level...Uranus moved into Taurus, Neptune and Mars are going retrograde (and, yes, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are still retrograde as well)...big fucking shifts are happening and they're going to continue!
I fully feel like we're stepping into a whole new paradigm on a collective level, we're going to begin to see things differently, perspectives are shifting, we're coming into a whole new realization and it's just going to continue over the next couple of years.
But! Let's explore what this week has in store for you, shall we? Because it's kind of fucking amazing...


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We open this week with the ever lovely Nine of Wands energy! As my good friend, Veronica Varlow says, imagine you're climbing up a staircase which had a thousand steps...and you're finally at the top, you've only got nine more to go before you reach the goal!
Essentially, don't give up five minute before the miracle arrives!
You've worked really hard to come this far so why turn back now?
The goal, the dream, the achievement is just at the top of the hill, you can see it from where you're standing.
You may also find yourself receiving a burst of energy, enthusiasm and passion this week, you're ready for this thing to come to fruition, you're ready to take this next step, you're ready to get the damn thing.
Listen, though, what is meant for you will never pass you by so if you're feeling like you'd rather take your time on this one, by all means, take as long as you choose, with the knowledge that it will be there waiting for you whenever you decide to reach for it.
There is no such thing as failure because you can't fuck this up!
You've put the work in, you showed up, you believed in yourself and your vision.
You're ready, it's time.

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This is further cemented by our gorgeous friend, the Fool. Who the hell doesn't love Fool energy?! The Fools tells us to fearlessly leap, the Fool reminds us that the unseen is guiding us, that faith is an integral piece of the puzzle.
You're entering into something new and amazing and wonderful!
The Fool also reminds us that life is right now
Not tomorrow, not 3 years from now, not when we have the house, the relationship, the money, the job, the promotion, the car, the marriage, the ideal weight...it's now.
Why are you waiting until then to be happy?
You can be happy RIGHT NOW
Of course, all of those things are possible for you if you decide but, once you get them, you're just going to be looking for the next thing to make you happy
So why not just choose to be happy right now, as you're working for those things?
Listen, love, we've got this one life and it's up to us to make it the life of our dreams.
THIS IS the life of your dreams because it's happening for you right now
There isn't going to be a do-over
And the message that is tugging at me hard, the one they really want me to share with you is:
Lyyyiiinnggg. Bitter and lying. They just haven't figured out how to do it for themselves so they're projecting their perceived idea of reality on to you!
We can truly have anything we desire, the Universe gives freely to anyone who chooses to show up and do the work and believe that they can have it. It doesn't see race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender...all it knows is unconditional love and support.
So, what are you waiting for?
Make this life the one that you're dreaming of!

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The Emperor. I have come to love this card immensely, as he is so misunderstood.
The Emperor speaks to us of rules, yes; of structure, yes; of routine, yes.
Does all that sound boring? Yes.
It's up to you how you implement those things into your own life.
It's up to you to make the rules and routines into magic spells in your day
It's up to you how you choose to see the structure
If this life is what we make it, why can't we make it whatever the fuck we want?!
So dream big!
Let fun and flow and ease and excitement flood into the rules and the structure and the routine
Find ways to integrate fun into everything you do, find ways to be silly!
It doesn't fucking have to be stodgy and boring! Unless YOU want it to be.
I get it, I know the tried and true are the tried and true because they work...but that's almost as bad as saying "we do it this way because it's the way we've always done it!"
So the fuck what? Does that mean that there are NO other ways to do it? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
So, if you wanna give a big fuck you to the tried and true, to the boring, the stodgy, the stifling...do it!
And then find YOUR unique way of carrying out the tasks, of going through the routine and implementing the structre
The Emperor has a strong and solid foundation BECAUSE he does what works for him, not because he does what is EXPECTED of him.
He knows how to maintain the solidity of his foundation and he isn't above trying something to make things more effective and efficient
What are you going to do this week to bring a little of that Emperor energy into your day? What are you going to do this week to bring a little more of YOU into what you do.

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We end our week in the Ace of Cups. Are you surprised? I'm not!
This week is chock a block with change and expansion and the Ace of Cups is just another piece in that equation
Open your heart and mind to something new this week, perhaps you come to a realization about yourself...or someone else, maybe a situation you're going through.
Be open to all of the possibilities, is what I keep hearing
Remember, this is your life...and if you want to make it your dream life, openness is crucial! Don't close yourself off or smother an option because you're too concerned with the HOW, you don't need to know how, you just need to know and be crystal clear on the what and the why.
Be open to new ideas, new energies, new feelings, new ideas...let things flow through you, you don't have to keep them, just be aware and notice what sticks, notice what feels really good, notice what doesn't.
Awareness is another message coming through! When you are aware, rather than judgemental, you can change things a little more easily because you're not spiraling into judgement. You're just noticing, and then when something comes up that doesn't feel great, you can say hmm, ok thank you brain, but no thank you... I choose to think/feel/believe/do ___________ instead!
It's not about policing your thoughts, it's just about noticing them and shifting the ones that feel gross and shitty and negative
You're allowed to rearrange the energy of something, be it a situation or feeling or idea, into a way that is more positive.
This is a reminder to practice that awareness and openness and see how things begin to shift for you!

I'll be popping into the Facebook group to do a live video about Shifting into Alignment on June 5th at 5pm PST which fits kind of beautifully into all the energies that are flowing around us this week!
Chat soon!





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