Weekly Forecast 07/08/18 - 07/14/18

Weekly Forecast 07/08/18 - 07/14/18

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Happy Monday, babe!
This week is gonna be cray, but fucking GOOD!
Mercury goes retro on 7/26, so right now and the two - three weeks after Mercury goes direct is the 'shadow' period, so you might notice some wonky shit going on and there may be some strange miscommunications, but all in all this week is phenomenal!

So let's get to it!

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We start out with a bang.
The World
We're really, completely, undeniably done with this cycle.
It's complete and, whether you're ready or not...it's time to celebrate and honor this period of time.
Maybe it's been a bumpy ride, maybe it's been nothing but ease and flow, or a mix of the two...either way, it's time to get grateful for what's come to pass. Things that went according to plan and things that didn't are to be celebrated now, your growth and transformation...the lessons you learned, all of it. Honor and celebrate it.
When we don't celebrate these things, we're telling our subconscious and the Universe that these things aren't actually important to us. We're saying, eh, who cares if I succeed or 'fail', none of it actually matters because I'm going to be right on to the next thing anyway.
So take some time, especially during this retrograde period, to be grateful and reflect on the cycle you are moving out of.

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Sometimes we end up in a stalemate with ourselves. We can't decide on an option, we've completely over analyzed and now we're in analysis paralysis. Each option is amazing, they feel good and now we're trying to logic it to death.
The Two of Swords is actually asking to you to pause, walk away for a moment to clear your head, and come back to the choice when you're ready. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and use your heart and intuition to make this choice, your logical mind is just going to keep running you in circles. You cut off your flow when you try to force things, so listen to your intuition and trust that doing what FEELS good to you is ALWAYS a good choice. There really is no "wrong" choice, ever, you are where you are meant to be.

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There is a New Moon in Cancer this week and it's asking us to really get deep down into our shadow work.
It's a time to clear out some of the old stuff so that we can, in turn, manifest the new. The Six of Cups says take a look at some of the baggage you're carrying, is it necessary? Is it doing you any good on this path you're on? Or is it dragging you down and making you feel shitty?
Here is the thing, babe, you don't have to carry it around with you if it makes you feel bad. Let. It. Go.
How do you think you're going to bring about the changes you seek, if you're still doing all the same things? Thinking the same thoughts? Relying on the same limiting beliefs? Holding on to the same old fears and letting them hold you back?
It's time to take a good look at why you're holding on to these things and why...and then, once you've gotten to the bottom of it, let it go so you can make room for something better!


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And speaking of which...the Moon joins us in our final card
The Moon makes some people uncomfortable. Some people see it as a set back or feeling lost.
Here is the thing, love, the Moon is here to teach you to TRUST.
Trust yourself, trust your intuition.
The Moon is actually HELPING you find your alignment and get back to the path you're meant to follow.
Sometimes we feel like the dark can make things unfamiliar, it makes things LOOK different, but are they ACTUALLY different?
No. It's still the same path, still the same familiar place, only now you can't see it all under the sunlight. Don't let your imagination play tricks on you, don't let it make something out of nothing, remember that safety lies within yourself. Safety lies within your breath, it lies within the trust you place in your inner guidance.
The Moon is saying, take one step at a time, you've been running down this path, not paying attention, not being grateful for the beauty that surrounds you...and now I'm going to make sure that you do.
Where in your life don't you trust yourself and why? Take some time this week to ruminate on that...and then work on believing that you CAN trust yourself, you ALWAYS make the right choices and you are the only guru of your life.

Sending you lots of love!
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