One off - 90 minute Empowerment Coaching Session

One off - 90 minute Empowerment Coaching Session


This is for a one (1) off 90 minute call, for those who do not wish to purchase the full three month empowerment coaching package.
Please note that you cannot book any session without first filling out the Client Questionnaire form.

>> What IS empowerment coaching? <<

Empowerment coaching sessions are safe spaces for you to be yourself, talk about your fears, goals, blocks or where you feel stuck.
These sessions help you feel heard and understood.
I'm not here to judge you. EVER.
I'm here to listen, help you find perspective, feel empowered and help you remember that it's YOUR life and you're allowed to live it in a way that feels amazing to you.
My intention during our time together is to help you get clear, feel good, and confidently break through obstacles so that you can achieve your goals and live your dream!
Even if you don't have specific goals you'd like to reach, even if all you'd like from our time together is to be heard and encouraged, to find self love and acceptance, I am here for you!
My goal and intention is always to be here for you, to help you feel empowered and confident, whether you're an entrepreneur or have no intention of starting your own business, I work with an array of clients from different backgrounds and scopes with completely different goals.
They each have one thing in common, though: they are looking for guidance, understanding and encouragement.
That is where I come in; my purpose in life is to help others!
We will have a tarot session (this is optional) on your first and last sessions for additional support.

Please remember, I'm not a fortune teller, mind reader or a licensed medical professional. This reading is not a substitute for a health professional's advice or diagnosis. I am obligated to note that these sessions are intended for entertainment purposes only. Due to the nature of each session, there are no refunds.


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