"So on point! Thank you SO much Jordana! I can't recommend House of Swords Tarot enough!" - Shannon Hugman, of Shannon Hugman Astrology

"This was huge! Oh my goodness thank you!!!!!!
Thank you so much for answering all my questions in such detail and with so much encouragement. I was crying and laughing, and we going to look at a house to rent in a few hours! I am so thankful that you were happy to go into my space (sorry it was so heavy) and read for me, it is a huge blessing and I feel so inspired and like things are achievable again. Thank you for the profound insights I really appreciate the time and energy you put into this for me
" -Caryn

"Thank you so much for this, it really put a lot in perspective. Also I love how detailed you were, and giving me some positivity (that I desperately need right now lol)" - R. Mora

"The reading is beautiful, thank you. I've always worked with cards which have people on them, unlike you know especially the wild unknown deck. It is kinda intimidating. So all the cards and the way you read them for me, is indeed truly beautiful and inspiring. So a big thank you." - S. T.

"Holy. Crap. I want to cry right now! This was total affirmation of everything! Thank you!" - Tiffany S.

I loved this reading so much. It's just what I've been feeling since January. Change and growth and new paths for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - C. Gilbert

"I think you did an amazing reading. I like that you took the time to meditate and took your time to ensure the reading was accurate. It pointed out a few things I already kind of knew, and somethings I didn't . It was in depth and helped me a lot! I definitely plan on reaching out for more readings in the future! Thank you!" - Sean H.

"Thank you darling, bless you. Biggest struggle of my life. Jordana is a wonderful reader, she connects and works well with her cards. Not many reading I've received have made me cry like this one. I needed Jordana's guidance! Thank you! xx" Kayla

"Your reading resonated with me. The fact that the words 'patience' and 'persistence' came flying out to you was not a surprise to me because i want to have and hold my dream career, like, right now and sometimes I'm not as persistent as I should be. Thank you for clarifying and giving me guidance I need to get to where I want to go. I feel at peace. Thank you for that!" - Debbie


"Wow, amazing! Thank you so much for the reading. I loved the reassurance that I need to trust my intuition more, as well as everything about not being able to control everything, and the obstacles. Thanks again for everything! Really, really appreciate it!" - Jodi

"I just finished my reading and I am smiling so big! This is Jordana's calling for sure! I admire her for sharing with the world in such a transparent way. I know she is on this path to bring clarity and light to those struggling to find it. So long as you find Jordana, light and love will follow. The translation of the card's messages were so on point! I was like WTF?! It aligned with my new perspectives towards romance and my life in general. Thank you!!!" - Marisol

"OMG Jordana. you continue to make me feel so empowered and hopeful! I am so looking forward to a new beginning and everything this year as to bring. Thank you so so much!" - Camille