Empowerment Coaching


Do you feel lost, stuck, like you're not really sure who you are anymore?
Are you looking for answers and not finding them?
Are you not sure how to even start to bring positive change into your life?
Do you KNOW there is more to life than just paying bills and working a job that doesn't fulfill you?
Do you KNOW that you have a purpose, but you're not truly living it?
Do you feel like you're caught in the same cycles, routines, and patterns but don't know how to break free?


I hear you! I SEE you!
I was standing right where you are, not that long ago!
I didn't believe in myself, I let other people tell me what was best for me, what was "realistic."
I was stuck in jobs I hated, in the same routine, making nowhere near enough money to survive let alone THRIVE.
I KNEW there had to be more. I KNEW I wasn't on the earth to do work that didn't fulfill me.
I knew I had to figure out who I was, what I wanted, and how I could fulfill my purpose.
It took work, it didn't happen over night, but I took it step by step, listened to my intuition and took the inspired action that got me to being completely sure of myself, my potential and my purpose. I shifted the limiting beliefs I had and did a whole lot of healing around my shadow.

To empowering you and giving you the tools you'll need to boldly move forward & create the life you have always wanted!
I am going to show you what I learned to boost my confidence, to trust myself (and the process), heal and shift my limiting beliefs and fears and, ultimately, step into my power.

This isn't about meditating your way into a perfect life.
This isn't about "faking it" til you make it.
You have within you all the tools & answers you will ever need, and I'm here to teach you how to use them.

I've helped countless people, from creatives, entrepreneurs, parents, find and draw from their own source so they felt empowered and free!
My clients have manifested amazing opportunities, built confidence, took the reigns of their own lives, started businesses and transform limiting fear-based beliefs.

YOU can absolutely do the same
You can step out of resistance and fear and into flow and trust.
You can know what it's like to feel supported, empowered and understood.
You can know what it's like to believe in yourself, that there are no limits.
You can know that all it takes is deciding, believing, and taking the inspired action for your life to truly change.

Every coaching client receives support and guidance according to their specific needs.
They receive tools, techniques and tips to help them make the changes and transformation they want and deserve.

Here is what my clients are saying...

" OMG Jordana. you continue to make me feel so empowered and hopeful! I am so looking forward to a new beginning and everything this year as to bring. Thank you so so much!" - Camille

"This is Jordana's calling for sure! I admire her for sharing with the world in such a transparent way. I know she is on this path to bring clarity and light to those struggling to find it. So long as you find Jordana, light and love will follow." - Marisol 

"This was huge! Oh my goodness thank you!!!!!!
Thank you so much for answering all my questions in such detail and with so much encouragement. I was crying and laughing! I am so thankful that you were happy to go into my space (sorry it was so heavy), it is a huge blessing and I feel so inspired and like things are achievable again. Thank you for the profound insights I really appreciate the time and energy you put into this for me
" -Caryn


Think about it.
Can you imagine knowing that you CAN create the life of your dreams?

YOUR personalized plan will include...

  • Getting clear on goals/dreams/desired achievements
  • Identifying fear-based limiting beliefs and triggers, how to reframe them and realign with YOUR truth
  • Mindset shifting and creating new beliefs
  • Getting comfortable with the idea that you CAN have what you desire
  • Boundary setting (why they are important and how to comfortably reinforce them)
  • Plans of action for implementing your new beliefs and how to shift quickly when a trigger comes up
  • Setting your energetic levels and getting into how your desires FEEL
  • How to positively and lovingly take control and accountability for yourself
  • Breaking old habits, routines and structures and finding new ones that align with the life you WANT
  • Learning to embody who you want to be (and truly are inside)
  • Physiology and how to change your energy (especially in difficult situations)
  • Defining/creating your reality and the true power of deciding
  • How energy work is important and how to use it to help you make the transformations you're seeking

This is for you if...

You're ready to have confidence in and trust yourself

You're tired of struggling and not seeing positive change

You're over the same old boring, unfulfilling, routines/cycles/structures

You're done feeling lost, tired and unhappy

You're ready to feel supported, empowered and get started on living your dream life


So, what's included in this amazing package?!

  • 12- hour long empowerment and strategy sessions
  • Personalized plans of action to get you help you shift your mindset and beliefs to see the transformation and step into your power
  • Unlimited text + email support
  • 3 tarot reading sessions for additional guidance (360$ value)
  • 3 energy working sessions to get your chakras balanced and your energy flowing (600$ value)
  • Access to my premium courses (720$ value)
  • Guided meditations (120$ value)

This work, the empowerment and support are priceless and I believe in it 100%

The investment in yourself:
Payment plans are totally available too!


How will we have our sessions?
There are two options for our sessions and it's completely up to you!
We can have a video call on Skype, or a voice call via Skype or phone.

How often will we chat?
You receive 4 calls per month, you can use them as you choose.

What if I don't use all 4 calls in the month?
While your unused calls don't "roll-over" into the next month, you still always have 4 calls per month, which we can set up in our initial free 30 minute session.

What can you guarantee me?
I can't provide you a guarantee of what your outcome will be in these sessions, only you can decide that. What I CAN guarantee is my full and unconditional support, guidance and confidentiality.
We do discuss expectations once you're in the program.

What is your refund policy?
As with all of my services, there are no refunds. I am always willing to do what I can to rectify a situation provided there is clear and open communication.

Can I reschedule a call if I'm not able to make it?
Of course you can! We can discuss the dates and times I'm available once you give me notice of the need to reschedule. I prefer that you give at least 24 hours notice, but I know that life happens.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.



My name is Jo and I've learned a lot about being honest with myself and the importance of shadow work. The suit of Swords has always been in my bones, Swords represent the hard truths and lessons, the voice of reason. I've always been the person people come to for advice and guidance, the person people come to when they just want someone to listen, for perspective.
I am a certified energy worker (Reiki & crystal healing), intuitive tarot reader, empowerment coach and, almost most importantly, a shadow worker.
I combine these elements when I provide my services to you and I believe that makes me uniquely qualified to help my clients cut through the bullshit and start truly living their lives!
I am here to help you create, manifest and achieve.
I'm here to listen, to guide and empower.
I am here for YOU.

This has always been my calling, I didn't quite realize it when I was younger, but in my mid 20's I knew something was missing...and then I found it, the thing that was missing, and I learned so much about what it means to be who you are, trusting your own intuition, and the power of belief in yourself.
That kickstarted all of this, and here we are almost three years later... I don't regret a single moment, and I am the most grateful I've ever been in my whole life.

I make a living helping people and absolutely LOVE what I do every single day.

I am no more special, no more capable than you are...

So believe me when I say, if I can do this, YOU can too.
What's stopping you?